Human Resources


Our basic Principle is to Employ The Right Person For The Right Job

Irem Construction's primary goal in the field of human resources is to reach a higher number of happy employees by supporting the development of human talent. The company offers its employees an effective framework to enable individuals who want to collaborate to achieve their personal and professional goals.

With its people-oriented approach, Irem Construction supports each individual to reach a more successful future than their past by offering rich training opportunities and resources for the development of behavioral and professional competencies..

Performance Management

At İrem İnşaat, the Performance Management process is the whole of the processes that enable the realization of individual goals and performances by ensuring their sustainable harmony with the company strategy. It supports the effective implementation of vision and strategy by focusing on the integration of individual goals and performances with the broader company strategy.

While the Performance Management process includes the evaluation of the annual goals and success criteria of company employees, it also supports training to help ensure the continuous and stable career development of each employee.

This approach aims to contribute to the success of both the individual and this organization by employees' personal and professional goals with the big picture of the company.

Selection and Placement

With its dynamic and growth-oriented organizational structure, İrem İnşaat has adopted an effective Human Resources strategy in line with its goal of meeting the increasing business potential. It first evaluates in-company talents to ensure employment in needed areas. Adhering to the principle of producing people to use external resources when necessary, it looks for candidates suitable for professional and behavioral competencies.

Considering future position needs, it expands its talent pool by accepting general applications. It also carefully evaluates the CVs received through websites and employee references and determines suitable candidates.

Irem Construction adopts an approach that cares about the career development of its employees. It acts with a human resources approach in which candidates and employees who carry the values of talent, harmony and expertise at every step are supported and guided throughout the process.

Irem Construction is a company that cares about the behavioral competencies that reflect the way its employees do business and their cooperation and interaction skills. This approach aims not only to strengthen the company's goal of producing high-quality projects, but also to strengthen team harmony, innovation and trust.

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  • Motivation and Determination to Succeed

    This is one of the core values of Irem Construction. Employees are aware of their own potential with a positive motivation management and responsibility. Şirket stratejilerine odaklanarak, karşılarına çıkan zorlukları istekle aşarlar ve zamanı etkin bir şekilde kullanırlar. This feature contributes to the development of projects as well as personal success.

  • Innovation

    It is an important element in Irem Construction's way of doing business. Employees develop extraordinary approaches and solutions with their extensive knowledge and experience. Thanks to their ability to turn problems into opportunities, they stand out with innovative and effective approaches in processes and projects.

  • Reliability

    Reliability is one of the cornerstones of the Irem Construction team. They instill confidence in both internal customers and teammates through work quality and adherence to deadlines. This forms the basis of collaboration and becomes a choice for colleagues.

  • Quality Focus

    This is another defining feature of Irem Construction's business processes. Employees know the company's quality standards at the highest level and apply them meticulously in their work. They constantly strive to achieve better and higher quality by considering the difficulties they encounter as an opportunity to improve their quality standards.

    With this approach, Irem Construction aims to contribute to the success of both individuals and the company. In its interviews, the company has the opportunity to measure these behavioral competencies combined with professional competencies in more depth. In this way, Irem Construction continues to contribute to the creation of a professional and collaborative team with high standards.


Rising Journey with the
Power of Movement

Irem Construction sees the career journey as a part of dynamism and continuous development, not just starting a business. By bringing the principle of universal mobility to the business world, it ensures that each individual's careers are more dynamic and effective by reflecting this principle to the company management in order to maximize the potential in the careers of its employees.

Employee mobility is at the center of Irem Consrtuction's career approach. The company helps employees make their potential tick by providing a framework that supports development and learning. It guides each individual to discover their strengths and development areas, while allowing them to shape their careers in a more dynamic and motivating way.

Irem Construction's career approach not only brings the power of the movement to the business world, but also strengthens its ability to keep up with the ever-changing and developing sector conditions. Employees can build their careers on a more solid foundation by constantly updating their competencies and knowledge in line with the dynamic structure of the company.

This approach aims to enable each employee to maximize their potential and impact by experiencing the power of mobility. With this dynamic approach, the company transforms each individual's career journey into not just a workplace, but a vibrant and strong path to success.